Triip Protocol – A decentralised platform where 120K travellers can exchange travel data for best deal directly from travel suppliers

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SINGAPORE, May 10,2019 – Since officially launching in January 2019, Triip Protocol has 120k users (with 35% retention rate) and more than 10,361361 travel plans created in 12 weeks; is ranked the fastest-growing blockchain-based travel app and 1 of the top 10 dapp on of highest transaction volume in 7 days and 24-hour period.

With a vision for Triip to become “The biggest sustainable travel ecosystem in the world which focuses on job creation, cultural immersion and eco-friendly impact”, Hai Ho (CEO & Co-founder of Triip) aims to execute his mission by decentralizing the system, granting Triip Protocol stakeholder data and online identity ownership, lowering traditional travel enterprises and OTAs operational costs and creating a better incentive system for platform participants.

During 2019 Q1 and Q2, Triip Protocol has achieved important milestones, includes deploying token on TomoChain mainnet, and rolling TIIM (TriipMiles – Digital Currency created by Triip) rebate feature for hotel/ accommodation reservations.

For the remaining of 2019, Triip is planning to finalize and roll out the  Beta version for Travel Business Partners. This will enable PATA’s members, travel enterprises  and tour operators to join and play a role in the revolution in the 4th global biggest industry.

Visit Triip’s social channels for latest updates and participate in building a sustainable travel-econom together.

About Triip Pte. Ltd:

TriipMiles is co-created by 100 travel innovators and Triip Pte. Ltd., a VC-backed Singapore-based startup that provides a first-to-market blockchain solution for sustainable travel, while aiming to shake up the $7 trillion travel market industry. Triip’s technology solutions are addressing the biggest problem in the current travel economy, a place dominated by inefficient & giant middlemen, while building incentive-driven and decentralized system. This breakthrough solution enables never before possible unique, accessible travel experiences.

Debut of the TIIM coin follows Triip’s five years of work bringing enhancements to the travel industry through technological innovation. TIIM is the keystone of the company’s larger vision, a blockchain-enabled travel economy called the Triip Protocol.

Triip’s vision for sustainable travel is detailed in a video found here:

Contact info: [email protected]