TwoEco invites travelers and travel professionals to answer survey

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MANILA, June 21, 2019 – TwoEco Inc., an interdisciplinary sustainability policy and planning consultancy firm with expertise in tourism development planning, called on travelers and travel professionals from around the world to help make traveling within and into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region easier by answering a survey.

The survey aims to gather information that will assist ASEAN governments in better facilitating travel, improving visitor experience, and encouraging travel into and within the ASEAN region.

“Travelers and travel professionals are the ones who directly experience the difficulties associated with traveling. Their feedback is indispensable in formulating policies and implementing changes that will genuinely make traveling within and into Southeast Asia smoother and more comfortable,” said Mark Richard Evidente, President of TwoEco Inc.

TwoEco, Inc. was contracted by the Department of Tourism of the Republic of the Philippines to carry out the research on travel facilitation within the ASEAN region, pursuant to a mandate under the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.   

The survey can be accessed here: It may be answered until June 30.