Willde Ng

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Founder, 40Ours

As a travel enthusiast, writer and award-winning creative director of ‘J. Walter Thompson’, Willde Ng has spent the past 40 years travelling the world through the lens of his camera and his forever-seeking eye for adventure. Having always had the curiosity but lack of resources for travel as a young boy in China, his current desire for travel comes from both a place of long-awaited infatuation as well as a yearning to bring educational enlightenment to young Chinese generation. Frequently hosting travel talks with local youth groups encouraging and stressing on the importance of open-mindedness and exploration, his very intersection between travel, self-exploration, and education comes from both a place of experience and encouragement. As the author of ‘所以我旅遊‘ (‘That’s why I travel’ )and ‘不假思索贪看天下’ (‘A Yearning for Travel’), literature books both published in both Hong Kong and China, as well as the founder of the travel show ‘40Ours’, Willde holds a special interest in capturing the different social and cultural structures that act as the foundation of the world’s beauty in all its diversity. As a multi-lingual Chinese man blessed with the ability to travel and share his cultural and experiential knowledge, his beliefs and motivations extend on the principles of learning, intersecting, and sharing.