Yang Gangliang

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Researcher, Academy of Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang, China

Mr. Yang has worked in Grottoes Protection Center of Longmen Grottoes Research Institute since 2000 and has engaged in cultural heritage protection and restoration of cultural relics for more than ten years. He participated lots of national cultural relics protection research projects like UNESCO Longmen Grottoes Protection & Restoration Project, China-Italy Double Grottoes Restoration Project, Longmen Grottoes Seepage Water Treatment Project. He also edited Longmen Grottoes Protection & Restoration Project Work Report, Protection Scheme, Monitoring Report and many cultural relics restoration reports. He has published over 20 articles in magazines and newspapers, such as Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology, Dunhuang Research, China Cultural Relics News, Grottoes Research. He was invited as a practice teacher in Historic Stone Conservation Training Class of State Administration of Cultural Heritage twice and did a great job. He also delivered speeches in many international academic seminars and has a good reputation in the field of cultural relics and museum.