Yasmin Choudhury

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Founder, Lovedesh



Yasmin Choudhury is the London born and bred founder of Lovedesh (a British philanthropy brand) and Amcariza Foundation (a charity). Her mission is delivering a disruptive business idea to help destitute rural villagers, artisans and impoverished women in the developing world – colloquially known as ‘Third World’.

She is launching the Lovedesh Army campaign: #LTTTW Let’s Travel The ‘Third World’. Starting with her parent’s heritage country of Bangladesh. The campaign centres around a bracelet which when sold, is a promise by the wearer to choose a ‘Third World’ nation in order to learn and explore more – and to pass the knowledge on.

Lovedesh, is an award winning British start-up consumer designer brand that scouts and unearths uncommon and exquisite food, design heritage textiles and travel holiday secrets with the help of her team of local artisans in poorest nations. It has already been profiled in the media via the BBC, Conde Naste Traveller, The Guardian, Deutche Welle. In January 2016, Yasmin won ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the national British Muslim Awards for her creative work as an innovator and disruptor to find a new solution to global poverty.

Yasmin created Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation single-handedly, after having travelled to Bangladesh in 2009. The trip was made five years after the death of her philanthropist father Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury out in Bangladesh in 2004 (whose initials AMC feature in Amcariza), who sustained horrific road traffic accident and died without adequate medical care. Since then she has spent time working out in the field with grassroots artisans and villagers as well as destitute women who shared their stories of poverty and dreams to create sustainable lives – whom the charity sector were disconnected from. She worked with local villagers to transform paddy fields into organic vegetable fields. Searched out textile artisans and is engaged to empower and mentor at a local girl’s religious school. In 2013 she slowly began to introduce wood fired curry to British people. And began promoting Bangladesh as a tourist destination.

Yasmin created the idea of Lovedesh to deliberately disrupt the global development and charity sector. This includes giving profit share to suppliers and artisans plus recognition for their expertise. And re-defining the term ‘fair trade’. Smashing the negative stigma surrounding poorest nations is Yasmin’s personal mission. To remove ‘poverty porn’ – a key factor she believes impedes the success of developing world economies, which she insists have an array of artisanry that is highly marketable to consumers in the Western hemisphere. But are unable due to the stigma.

Lovedesh profits will be used to establish a flagship artisan centre in Bangladesh to be run by Amcariza. Now that her grassroots field R&D since 2012 is complete, Yasmin is seeking investment to take her Lovedesh products to market and is launching her crowd-funding campaign. While Amcariza continues to run field projects.

Awards: 2016 National British Muslim Awards ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ Award; British Bangladesh Power & Inspiration List 2014 & 2015; Winner of Fringe World Travel Market Awards 2013.