Strategic Intelligence Centre

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Formed in 1998, PATA’s acclaimed Strategic Intelligence Centre (SIC) is tasked with providing actionable research and data to the association’s members on the latest issues and trends shaping the travel and tourism industry in Asia Pacific. Each year the SIC produces, with a partnership with external consultants and analysts, a suite of statistical/research-based reports and analytical publications for use by tourism planners, and sales and marketing managers in the tourism industry.

Numbers in ACTION!


The flagship reports include the premier Asia Pacific Visitor Forecasts (Executive and Full editions) and the Annual Tourism Monitor (Early and Final editions). Complimenting these reports are the Quarterly Tourism Monitor (quarterly data release), Issues & Trends (half year analysis brief) and the Connected Visitor Economy Bulletin (10 editions per annum). In addition, PATA reviews, endorses and co-brands externally produced studies such as the UNWTO/PATA Air Connectivity and Its Impact on Tourism in Asia and the Pacific, etc.

To view PATA’s publications, visit Publications or contact


Build Your InsightsWith long-term partnerships with the national tourist offices, the national statistical agencies, strategic partners and leading tourism research consultancies, PATA has access to the latest comprehensive and insightful tourism data and makes such data available for members to access at our interactive tool PATAmPOWER, no matter where you are or when you are in need of. For more information on how we can work with your organisation, e-mail us at



PATA responds to a request for a task force from a government-category member (such as the Ministry of Tourism). The key reason for this requirement is the need to ensure that the recommendations and observations of the task force are duly studied and have a realistic chance of implementation. The composition and execution of each task force visit is tailored to the specific needs of the destination and will culminate in the publication of the PATA Task Force Report.

Such a request should be formalised in writing on appropriate stationery and be addressed to the CEO of PATA. Visit PATA Task Force for more information.