‘Sustainability Matters’ News Feature for PATA Members

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Highlight your organisation’s initiatives and contribute your views on sustainability

Should hotels play a part in promoting food equity in their local community? Is there a trade-off between tourism growth and the authenticity of a destination? Do we need to rethink the benefits of tourism growth as touring populations rise rapidly in an increasingly resource constrained world? 

Sustainable tourism is not just a travel trend. It’s quickly becoming a priority — if not a moral imperative — for both travellers and tourism businesses around the world. But the execution of sustainability initiatives is never simple nor straightforward. They need to be assessed against the incentives of all the key stakeholders – the business owner, the workers, the community and the environment.

Following PATA’s 2020 theme of Partnerships for Tomorrow, PATA has been a voice in supporting discussions around sustainability issues ranging from food waste to poverty reduction through tourism

Today, we officially invite our travel business community to join this conversation by highlighting your thoughts and initiatives in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by submitting an short article or contributing your opinions through an interview. The article will be featured on the PATA blog, in the PATA weekly newsletter and on all our social media channels.

The criteria for the article is as follows

  • Promotes or discusses key issues relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including topics related to diversity, inclusion and sustainability
  • No word count limit, but 600-800 words is ideal
  • Does not promote a commercial agenda (subject to our discretion)
  • Authored by a PATA member organisation or representative
  • Can be content that has already been published elsewhere, ie. your company blog or a news website 

Previous examples include:

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PATA reserves the editorial oversight to make minor changes as deemed appropriate. Please submit your articles or inquiries to communications(at)PATA.org.

Please note that this feature is exclusive to PATA Members. Not a PATA member?  Apply here.

We look forward to hearing from you and together working towards the SDG goals in 2020 and beyond!