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PATA Destination Marketing Forum (PDMF) gathers the top minds in destination travel for inspiring and insightful discussions on some of the major issues in marketing and managing tourism growth to lesser-known destinations.

This action-packed annual event features two nonstop days of learning, discovery and community-building. Alongside the one-day conference that brings together high-profile tourism professionals worldwide, it offers an unprecedented,  culturally-immersive experience of the host destination through the one-day technical tour – a showcase of lesser-known yet attractive corners of the world.

Set in Pattaya, Thailand under the theme ‘Redefining a Destination: Reviving the Past to Reimagine the Future’, PDMF 2019 highlights the issue that – while some destinations grapple with over-tourism, others face the less-tangible challenge of managing unwanted and long-standing perceptions of their destination. The Forum will examine how destinations – old and new – can position themselves to anticipate the changing expectations of the modern traveller.

Looking to Pattaya’s aspirations to re-imagine their destination, the event will explore various approaches in forging new market potentials and unearth the diverse experiences that destinations can offer visitors.

Join other tourism professionals for Asia Pacific’s premier educational and networking event for destination marketing and register today.



Generously hosted by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) , the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) with the support of Pattaya City.


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Mike Shea
Chief Logistics Officer, South by Southwest
Keynote Speaker: The Story of South by Southwest – How one event transformed a destination and an entire industry

Al Merschen
Managing PartnerMyriad Travel Marketing
Closing Keynote: Rebranding a Destination
Session 1: Targeting the right market segments

Naomi Mano
President & CEOLuxurique
Session 1: Targeting the right market segments

Belinda Shillcock
Regional Managing DirectorAbercrombie & Kent, Thailand
Session 1: Targeting the right market segments

Zara Khanna
Interlude: Engaging the next generation of travellers

Graham Harper
Sustainability and Social Responsibility ConsultantPATA
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand

Watcharee Churugsa
Director of Office of Community-Based Tourism
Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA)
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand


Wanvipa Panumas
Deputy Director of Office of Community-Based Tourism

Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA)
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand

Wandee Prakobtham
President, Takientia CBT Club
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand


Thapanee Kiatphaiboon
Executive Director of Tourism Product Department
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand

Buranakan Chatupornpaisan
Managing Director, Jumbo Journey and Events
Session 3: Case study of CBT in Thailand


Matthew Zatto
Vice President
Tourism – APAC, ADARA
Session 4: Leveraging user generated content

Jason Lin
Chief of TalentTalent Basket
Session 4: Leveraging user generated content

Technical Tours

Delegates are invited to participate in one of the complimentary technical tours listed below. For this one-day field session, delegates will be challenged to discover the gems of Pattaya and the surrounding area. Engage with the culture and people of Pattaya, taste their food, admire the landscape and savour their traditional – while leveraging digital tools to identify, collect, promote your new-found travel ‘treasures’ to ‘redefine a destination’. This on-the-ground activity is a prerequisite to the next day’s engagement session on ‘Leveraging user generated content’.

 Route 1: Royal Pathway to Sustainable Development

Siri Charoenwat Forest Plantation Project – Chak Ngaew Community – Khun Ying Hydroponic Farm

Discover the ingenuity of the natural resource management projects initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the Siri Charoenwat Forest Plantation. Experience the community that was once most prosperous in Pattaya – the Chak Nagew Community. Freshen up with some healthy food and cold drinks while creating your own salad menu at Khun Ying Hydroponic Farm.

Route 2: Learning the Coconut Life, the Hidden Gem of Pattaya

Takien Tia Community – Coconut Garden – Hundred-Pillar House

Takien Tia Community is a community-based tourism destination that offers a unique cultural getaway from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya City. Delegates taking this route will experience the traditional ways of self-sufficient Thai living, from how to make local products out of coconut oil to shaping pandan leaves into toys, as well as Guasa therapy techniques.

Route 3: Local Way of Pattaya Rice Farmer

Nongprue – Nong Palai Community

Two things in the world are guaranteed to make everyone happy: art and food. This Technical Tour programmes combines both! Delegates will partake in a traditional performative art form, ‘Khon’, before learning how to cook Thai food and experiencing first-hand how rice – a staple of Thai cuisine – is cultivated from scratch.

About Pattaya, Thailand

At just over one hour by car from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, Pattaya is a lively beach city that draws visitors from around the world.

As part of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, Pattaya is the designated ‘MICE City’ of the east with strong infrastructure and superior facilities. A well-established tourist destination, the city boasts a diverse selection of hotels with total rooming capacity of over 30,000 rooms serving all budgets, most of which are equipped with excellent meeting facilities. In addition to sea-sand-sun vibes and a lively night life, newly developed attractions include themed water parks, museums, stage performances as well as shopping centers – all of which are options as MICE special venues and pre/post complimentary activities.

Another major draw for visitors to Pattaya is the wide selection of restaurants serving some of Thailand’s freshest seafood. Due to the high number of expatriate foreigners in Pattaya, there is also an excellent selection of authentic foreign eateries serving international cuisines ranging from French  to Arabic to Japanese.

Traveling there is easy – visitors can take their own car or ride a bus, van, or cab from Bangkok. There is also a ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya, which takes about an hour. Accessing Pattaya has become even more convenient recently with the commercial use of U-Tapao International (Rayong-Pattaya) serving for both domestic and international flights, shortening the time to reach Pattaya and its neighboring Eastern provinces.


In advocating sustainable tourism and emerging destinations, PATA is pleased to offer complimentary registration to all interested parties. Please note that airfares and accommodation costs are the sole responsibility of delegates.

Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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