Chinese Outbound Tourism Market: PATAcademy-HCD Workshop

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We know that the travel industry is always evolving. As a travel business or tourism board, that means you have to stay ahead of your customers.

This upcoming PATAcademy-HCD workshop from July 1-2 will focus on a refreshed understanding of ‘The Chinese Outbound Tourism Market’, especially in light of the fact that Chinese residents are increasingly becoming international tourists – and the reasons they travel overseas are evolving beyond shopping.


As the Chinese middle classes grow in size and wealth, so will the number of Chinese people who are able to travel. Along with that, Chinese tourists are getting bolder, both about where they go and what they experience at their destination, and these changes are affecting where and what these travellers spend their money on.

To illustrate, we found several free online reports that examines the behaviours and attitudes of the new Chinese tourist:

‘Chinese tourists: Dispelling the myths’ (September 2018)

By McKinsey and Company

Based on surveys from more than 2000 Chinese tourists, this report examines their behaviour and measures them against assumptions. For example, it is no longer the primary goal of Chinese visitors to visit landmarks; the majority now prefer the authenticity of local life. However, despite this market gaining experience with travel, package tours continue to be on the rise.

View report >>

‘Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trend: 2017 Survey’

By Nielsen and Alipay

More than 2800 Chinese tourists were surveyed for this whitepaper about their consumption habits, particularly where mobile payment solutions are concerned. For example, 93% of respondents would be more likely to spend more money if mobile payments were more widely accepted. This complements the findings that nearly 60% of the merchants surveyed experienced sales growth after adopting Alipay.

View report >>

Tourism in Focus: China Tourism 2018’ (June 2018)

By The Virtual Tourism Observatory and the European Commission

Prepared for the European Union’s Travel Commission, this report was published in accompaniment to its ’2018 EU-China Tourism Year’ initiative to increase Chinese visitation to the region. Overall and destination-specific statistics are presented to quantify growth and opportunities.

View report >>


Facilitated by workshop leaders with extensive, first-hand, practical experience in the Chinese travel market, participants will learn how to adapt and enlarge their portfolio of tourism and hospitality services to ensure sustainable and successful engagement with the Chinese outbound market. This includes:

• The diverse market segments of the source market China

• The evolving needs and expectations of Chinese outbound travellers

• The latest social media, social commerce, and online travel trends in China

• How to design effective influencer marketing campaigns targeting Chinese netizens

• China influencer research data from Suantao, the Shenzhen based big data influencer analytic startup

• Chinese outbound MICE market trends

• Crucial steps to attract Chinese MICE bookers and how to keep them

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be awarded with a PATAcademy-HCD certificate entitled: “Certified Asia Pacific – Chinese Outbound Tourism Market.”

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